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Kansas City, MO Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs


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As you know, there is nothing like the simple pleasure of taking a warm bath. Like many Americans, you’ve eliminated this pleasure due to the known the dangers getting in and out of traditional bathtub. You don’t need to leave your home to feel better. You can stay independent and get the health benefits of a relaxing, massaging, and safe bath right in your own home.

Jacuzzi a leader in the jetted tub industry and the gold standard for quality spas has partnered with The Plumbing Pro to bring the benefits of hydrotherapy to those who can no longer use a conventional bathtub.

Jacuzzi walk in tubs are designed for seniors, made in

the United States and feature a limited lifetime warranty.

Laboratory tests clearly show how Jacuzzi out performs other manufacturers’ jetting

systems, producing a deeper wider plume of revitalizing bubbles. Best of all Jacuzzi

doesn’t cost anymore!

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